I loved that when you tried to save that person from a bunch of eyes when he was feeling insecure by pulling everybody’s attention towards you. And asked the boy to proceed with his reading when he’s ready for it by nodding your head giving him confidence. 😁



I leaned, didn’t fall 

I hoped, isn’t desperate 

I spoke, never unheard 

Curlly,  that’s what you are! 


Something I was thinking today.

Everyday I have a choice. I can either decide to fight the good fight or I can decide not to and relax. I can either choose to go with the flow or I can decide to be intentional and check my motives and actively follow God which might mean that I’ll have to go against the flow a lot of times. I wake up in the morning. Instagram is made to be a dopamine addiction. (That dopamine addiction is caused because I value what others think of me. I want to know who wants to follow me, who likes me, who is interested in me.. All of that.. I value it and therefore it can be an addiction. Do I actually value God like that? Imagine I valued God so much.. If I gave a lot of importance to what He had to say to me. Imagine, seeing a Bible gave me as much curiosity as an Instagram notification. I can actually have a dopamine addiction to the Bible if I valued it more than the other things that I value. So that is upto me. I can feed what I want to feed. Whatever I feed will grow more.)
So anyway, everyday I have a choice. This one year of break. I can either decide to read God’s word and get motivated and inspired and stay focused, work hard, persevere. Or I can decide to wake up, check Instagram, watch some entertaining videos on YouTube, watch a movie, be on my phone, check Whatsapp Instagram or Facebook, have fun, hang out and get done with my day. My first option is hard. To practise and to be a disciple, to go out and make disciples, it is hard. I need to push myself. I need to deny myself. But that’s the cross I have to carry to follow Jesus. On the other hand, having fun all day and living for my own self is easy but empty. But I can get addicted to that emptiness and do the same empty things again and again. So it’s actually my choice. I can either carry my cross or decide to do other things. I know what I want to do in life and who I want to be. I can either be mediocre at it or I can work at it with all my heart as working for the Lord.